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Private Underwriters/Investors: Boutique Banks, Investment Companies, Venture Funds, Private Syndicators

Institutional Capital Management: Commercial Banks, Investment Banks, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Opportunity Funds, Private Equity.

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GIBRALTAR CAPITAL maintains close and active relationships with our investment partners: private/boutique and international banks, institutional investors, including pension funds, hedge funds and private equity firms. Our team understands which financial products and corporate culture function in TODAY's marketplace. We provide our investment partners access to our Expert Network. Functional areas of expertise include senior level general management (CEO, COO, GM) financial officers (CFO, Comptroller, Treasurer, Asset Management, Investor Relations, Risk Management and Internal Audit.)

We also conduct special assignments in M&A: through our network of relationships, we locate research and match potential merger opportunities that complement and generate synergy with our Investment Partners and the goals of the companies that we fund. GIBRALTAR CAPITAL's recently announced RevPaCTM Capital Fund Raising Program - underwriting IPO ventures in excess of $2B during the next twelve month period - is scheduled to create over 3,500 new financial expert positions that need to be filled over the course of fiscal 2009-2010.

Sample Of Recently Completed Assignments
Relationship Manager, International Investment Banking Group
VP Asset Management/Special Services, Regional Bank
VP Investment Banking, Overseas Money Management Firm
President,  Emerging Business Investments, Venture Fund
COO, Private equity fund
Sample Of Current Assignments (4th Quarters 2009)
VP Underwriting Placement, International Investment Banking Group
President, Financial Product Development, International Investment Banking Group
VP Investment Banking, Regional Private Bank
VP Fund Raising, International NGO Fund Raising Syndicator
Chief Counsel – Securities Compliance, International Investment Fund Group

Global Career Opportunity Searches For 2010

GIBRALTAR CAPITAL is currently searching for qualified talent to lead its Underwriting Calendar of unique Investment Products for Fiscal Year 2010. The following Financial Sectors are among several currently being actively recruited.

Financial Sector Description
Retail Brokerage

Investment Placement – retail level – with an emphasis on Venture Capital Private Placements / Initial Public Offerings.

Investment Syndication

Investment Placement – wholesale level – with an emphasis on Venture Capital / Mezzanine Financing / Dutch Auctions / IPO Underwritings.

Investment Banking

Deal Structuring – Private and Public Funding – especially Regional Emerging Venture Capital Opportunities with Overseas Licensing potential.

Investment Research & Analysis

Research Professionals – Investment Sector – with an emphasis on Risk Analysis and an understanding of Venture Capital, Franchise Licensing and Revenue Participation Investment Instruments.

NGO Fund Raising

Funding Specialists for Non-Government Organizations – Regional and International – with a broad interest in non-traditional fund raising methods, products and programs.

Submitting Your Profile

Let's hope someday that GIBRALTAR CAPITAL has reason to call you as one of the four or five best candidates in our database, while we work to place you for our capital partners. If you are a candidate with a career background and qualifications in our industry specialties of Investment, Finance and Capital Services – Retail Brokerage, Investment Banking, Investment Analysis/Research, Capital Syndication and NGO Fund Raising - we want your profile.

Please provide us some information about yourself on the candidate profile form, and submit it along with your resume to GIBRALTAR CAPITAL.

Our database is completely confidential. We will be in contact with you to go over opportunities that may fit your career.

Board Members

If you have an interest on serving on boards or your company is in need of board members continue on to the next page by clicking the following link.