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Portfolio Products

Gibraltar Capital offers a full line of comprehensive financial management and growth tools designed to meet your specific investment objectives, including:

  • Equities - listed, OTC stocks, all major exchanges.
  • Options - listed and index options
  • Mutual Funds - approximately 2,000 mutual funds. Customers can combine all of their mutual fund investments in on full-featured brokerage account statement.
  • Fixed Income/Bonds - all types of instruments: treasuries, municipals, and corporate bonds at competitive prices.
  • Unit Investment Trusts - all major firms, closed end funds
  • Variable Annuities - with leading money managers
  • Investment Trusts - high yield business ventures with Full Redemption Guaranty R.O.I. program
  • Retirement Plans - prototypes as well as custom plans
  • Asset Management Accounts - VIP and Brokerage Access Accounts
  • Asset Wrap Account - a selection of professional money managers for individual portfolio management.
  • Financial Advisor Program - a customized money management program administered by your advisor. Includes 200+ no commission funds.
  • Advisor Link - a portfolio management software interface for your advisor to keep track of your investments.

A variety of settlement options are available for your trading account.

Initial Public Offerings & Private Investment Programs

While we are acclaimed for our excellent Investment Performance – GIBRALTAR CAPITAL is best known within the world’s banking centers as a premiere Investment Banker of Venture Capital and Initial Public Offering (IPO) Opportunities.

GIBRALTAR CAPITAL and its Financial Partners are the leading private capital providers of business incubators and emerging business underwriters in the world. Our network of private fund raisers lead us to avant-garde companies, products and innovations that provide our investors with opportunities that may not be readily apparent to the mainstream Investment Banking Community. Each year, we choose a small number of forward thinking new venture development companies, who approach business development in a new and refreshing way – consistent with the changing times. Our approach to Private Investment and Initial Public Offerings set GIBRALTAR CAPITAL apart from most other Investment Bankers and has been the source of legendary wealth making opportunities for our investors. If you are interested in being a part of GIBRALTAR CAPITAL’s IPO and Early Stage Venture Capital Opportunities, please review our Investment Programs.