By logging into the Private Investments area, you agree for yourself and your family, partners and co-venturers that you will not disclose the nature or content of the investment opportunities or investment updates you are about to see. This includes information such as: descriptions of the business; products; plans; financial results and statements; markets; projected activities and results of operations; customers; materials requirements and sources; contracts; backlogs; means, methods and processes of manufacture and assembly; management roles and methods; customer names, requirements and contacts; and stock ownership and other information not yet disclosed to the public. This agreement excludes: information that is in the public domain before the time of disclosure; information that is currently in your possession; or information that you acquired from a third party not under an obligation of confidentiality to Gibraltar Capital. The foregoing restrictions shall continue and remain in full force and effect for a term of one year from the date of this Agreement. If you are legally required to disclose any of the aforementioned information, you agree to provide Gibraltar Capital with prompt notice so that it may seek a protective order or other appropriate remedy.