Allocation Process

Once an offering is closed, GIBRALTAR CAPITAL allocates the offering to eligible investors who have placed bids. If the demand for an offering exceeds availability, GIBRALTAR CAPITAL allocates to investors based on the following criteria: amount of assets in GIBRALTAR CAPITAL accounts, whether an investor is a Qualified Purchaser, and the historical relationship of the investor with the firm.

Additional Information

  • No person will be accepted as a purchaser prior to the closing of an offering.
  • GIBRALTAR CAPITAL reserves the right to reject any Offer to Buy, in whole or in part, or to allot any prospective purchaser a smaller allocation than requested by such prospective purchaser. Any representation to the contrary is unauthorized and may not be relied upon.
  • The portion of each deal that we offer is at the discretion of GIBRALTAR CAPITAL.
  • In order to invest in GIBRALTAR CAPITAL Private Investments, including venture, mezzanine and buyout opportunities, please access "Getting Started" for instructions.