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  • Over 60 Global Markets
  • Interconnected pools of global liquidity
  • Multitude of contemporary investment products and tools especially designed for TODAY'S Paradigm-in-Transition Capital Markets.
Our Network of Fund Manager - Investment Advisors and Private Banking Specialists brings you brokerage acumen designed to provide optimum growth of Investment Capital.

Whether you're an investment portfolio manager, private angel investor or an annuity client, our products, solutions and services can be customized to meet your end-to-end global needs. Our open, independent, secure infrastructure will work to meet your Capital Benchmark Target requirements.

Some of our clients utilize our services simply to gain access to select markets. Others require more extensive solutions to streamline their capital infrastructures. Contact us with your needs. We have an ever-expanding range of solutions.

GIBRALTAR Stock Brokerage Accounts

If you are considering an overseas investment strategy that includes trading or holding securities, GIBRALTAR is the ideal jurisdiction to base your account. Through an overseas stock brokerage account, in GIBRALTAR you can have access to all 60 of the world's important financial markets (including NYSE, London, Hong Kong and Nasdaq). Your overseas brokerage account may be used to trade or invest in: stocks, options, bonds, futures, forex, precious metals or mutual funds.

Your Overseas Account: Safe - Convenient - Private

Invest and make trades from the comfort of your home using a state-of-the-art online trading platform. You will not be required to pay tax on your investment earnings since there is no capital gains tax to pay in GIBRALTAR for overseas derived income. Also, there is no tax to pay on interest earned in a GIBRALTAR money market account.

You are protected by GIBRALTAR'S banking secrecy laws, currently among the strictest in the world.

Summary of Benefits

  • No capital gains taxes to pay on offshore stock brokerage earnings
  • No taxes to pay on interest earned through a GIBRALTAR money management or bank account
  • Convenient trading through an online platform accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Privacy in trading by linking your stock trading account to a GIBRALTAR bank account which is protected by GIBRALTAR's strong banking secrecy laws
  • Access to over 60 global markets and a variety of financial products
  • Stable government with laws that encourage foreign investment

We currently have several stock brokerage accounts to choose from. The most popular is Brokerage Program Alpha with basic features listed below. Please contact us directly for more information about account alternatives.

GIBRALTAR Brokerage Program Alpha:

  • Program Alpha
  • Account Types Available: Personal, Corporate
  • Products Available: Stocks, Options, Forex, Futures (precious metals, energies, bonds, currency, agriculturals), Asset management
  • Trading System: Level I and Level II Trading Platform (including Realtick Level II)
  • Where:19 stock exchanges globally, 18 future exchanges - geared towards US, Canada and Europe.
  • Account Funding Options: US or Euro Funds Bank Wire
  • Account Payout Options: US or Euro Funds Bank Wire

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