Online Trades

1-3,000 shares



$9.00 plus $.02 per share over 3,000 shares

Broker-Assisted Trades

$24.95 plus $0.03 per share

Options Trades

Online Trades

$30.00 plus $1.75 per contract

Broker-Assisted Trades

$40.00 plus $1.75 per contract

Penny Stocks
(less than $1.00/share)

Online Trades

3% of the total trade value, with an overriding minimum of $19.95 per trade

Broker-Assisted Trades

$24.95 plus 3% of the total trade value

Mutual Funds

No Load**

$50.00 per transaction

No Load without transaction fee**


Load Fund

No transaction fee, load applies

**No Load funds must be held for 90 days or a 1% fee will apply.


Minimums Apply

No Commissions but prevailing spread

Margin Interest Rates

Net Debit Balance

Surcharge Over Broker’s Call Rate

$0 to $24,999


$25,000 to $49,999


$50,000 to $99,999


$100,000 to $249,999


$250,000 to $999,999


$1,000,000 and over


Note: If a deficit occurs in a cash account, GIBRALTAR CAPITAL will charge interest based on the criteria set forth until funds have been received.

Corporate and Government Bonds

To invest in fixed income securities – contact Account Representative

Less than 25 bonds

$25.00 flat fee + $2.00 per bond

25 bonds or greater

$25.00 flat fee + $1.75 per bond

Restricted Stock

Processing fee

$100.00 per security

Miscellaneous Fees

Late Payment


Returned Check


Duplicate Statements and Confirms


Transfer of Securities into name other than name on Account (per issue)


DTC Transfer of Securities (per occurrence)


Account Transfer – Out


Transfer and Shipping of a Physical Certificate


Overnight Check Fee


Wire Transfer


Other than U.S./Euro
and Physical Securities

$2.00 per position per month

Other than U.S./Euro
Securities Processing Fee

$75.00 per item

Annual Safekeeping

No fee with one transaction per year; otherwise, $25.00 per year.

* Fees, commissions, and charges may be changed at any time upon notice to you. Commissions and Fees for trades conducted through our full service brokers may be different than those listed above. Please consult your Account Representative for further details. Corporate stock plan trades are not subject to this fee schedule, please consult your stockplan administrator for details.

Note: In certain transactions of securities in which GIBRALTAR CAPITAL makes a market, a mark-up or mark-down may be charged.