As a leading-edge investment banker and underwriter – during the most significant economic upheaval in recent memoryGIBRALTAR CAPITAL employs research as an integral part of every investment decision, not only to ensure the quality of investment, but also to provide short-term yield and exit-strategy elements that are fundamental in today's quickly-changing and transitional markets.

GIBRALTAR CAPITAL and its investment partners organize research and publish around broad thematic trends, rather than on specific companies or sectors. These themes tend to lead us to avant-garde companies, products and innovations that provide investors with opportunities that may not be readily apparent. We have also chosen a small number of forward thinking economic visionaries, who approach research and analysis in a new and refreshing way – consistent with the changing times.

GIBRALTAR CAPITAL believes that its Account Holders should receive the benefit of its Research and Analysis so that they may execute educated investment decisions. Therefore, GIBRALTAR CAPITAL Account Holders receive – at no cost - 3 Research and Analysis Services from their Investment Banking Research and Analysis Team:

  • MORNING BRIEFING – Daily Report on Capital Markets from around the world. This succinctly written International Market Digest Roundup is published each and every Business Day and provides GIBRALTAR CAPITAL Account Holders with a full thumbnail-style global briefing – that captures ALL the bottom-line financial events that you would need to know in the time it takes to drink a glass of orange juice with your breakfast.
  • SPECIAL SITUATION – Periodic Reports on Alternative Investments – designed and developed by GIBRALTAR CAPITAL Investment Bankers for their Investment Partners. Each report delivers an in-depth analysis of investment strike-zone targets and bottom-line Return-on-Investment expectations. SPECIAL SITUATION focuses on five asset classes: private equity, venture funds, real estate, global fixed income and infrastructure. This is the ultimate INSIDER REPORT – upon which institutional and qualified individual investors around the world base their investment decisions.
  • FLAGSHIP FINANCIAL ANALYSIS – Tailored and unique analysis with definitive investment recommendations on specific investment products, sectors and opportunities. GIBRALTAR CAPITAL Account Holders receive Investment Analysis on select products, sectors and opportunities – of their choice – each quarter year. Additionally, Investment Analysis on select investment situations are available on a weekly (subscription) basis. GIBRALTAR CAPITAL platform of Investment Partners is organized in four major geographic regions: Asia, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Latin America and North America. The GIBRALTAR CAPITAL Flagship has offices in nearly every capital center around the globe. Our daily financial advisory services including acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, financial restructurings, loans, foreign exchange, cash management, underwriting and distributing equity, and debt – provides our Researchers and Analysts with an immediate, intimate and indisputable understanding of real-time financial situations. Our tailored and unique FLAGSHIP FINANCIAL ANALYSIS – is the leading Analytical Choice of serious Investment Advisors and Fund Managers.